Squall 2.52
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Release Notes
Fix Fixes a timing issue with nested comps.
Fix Fixes images not showing up in the companion app (please also update the companion app)

Squall 2.48
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Release Notes
The mac installer will only work with Mac OS High Sierra and above
Fix fixed installer and extension for latest AE version

Squall 2.46
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Release Notes
Fix fixed shape layer expansion when masked
Fix fixed some repeater layer related stuff
Fix fixed bitcode for the SDK (hopefully...)
Fix header fix in SDK

Squall 2.45
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Release Notes
Misc fixed broken examples on github
Fix crash for animated masks for core animations on non-shape layers
Fix the method evaluateExpressions on single layers would sometimes not force expression evaluation
Fix 3D rotations were mirrored on Core Animations

Squall 2.3
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Release Notes
Fix Crash with malformed text animators
Fix You can opt out of sending animation data as part of the crash reports.

Squall 2.21
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Release Notes
Feature SLReader can now be constructed in the backgrounds (+convenience functions in the SDK)
Feature Support for subtractive masks
Feature The extension and companion app can now replace layers with the iOS camera
Feature support for 3D Touch input
Feature better expression support
Fix crash on some rectangle paths
Fix wrong alignment for text layers
Fix looping issues resolved

Squall 2.02
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Release Notes
Feature Repeater layers are now supported
Fix Performance degradation in shape layers
Fix crash for malformed text layers
Fix sometimes images would not appear in the companion app, esp. under windows

Squall 2.0
By Downloading You Agree to the Squall License Agreement
Release Notes
Squall was rewritten (again) in mostly C++ and the AE extension can now update itself. Also: Expressions can now be evaluated on the device, lots of other new features were added and a number of bugs were fixed. Note that there are some compatibility-breaking API changes.
Feature Build preset compositions for iOS devices
Feature Choose to render hidden properties
Feature Choose to render hidden layers
Feature AE extension can be updated right from AE
Feature AE extension can automatically update itself
Feature create static code snapshots of your comp right in AE
Feature expressions can be evaluated on the device (dynamic expressions)
Feature expression tools for the Squall companion app
Feature support for polystar shape layers
Feature composition analyzer to help resolve conversion problems
Misc sqa files are human readable JSON
Misc cleaned up extension UI
Misc significant performance improvements for Squall animations
Misc API change: properties can no longer be filtered and excluded from evaluation.
Misc API change: getLayersWithName of SLAnimation now returns id/AnyObject that
Fix guide layers are now hidden
Fix Squall app will alert user if an update is available
Fix crash when layer parent couldn't be found
Fix clipboard language setting is now saved
Fix file picker dialog remembers your folder
Fix vector group opacity is now properly honored
Fix compositions containing non-latin symbols will now save properly
Fix z Scale value is now properly honored
Fix crash of shape animations whose keys had varying numbers of bezier points
Fix crash of animated paths consisting of only one point

Squall 1.13
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Release Notes
Misc SDK now contains bitcode
Misc installer updated to work with AE CC 2015.3

Squall 1.12
By Downloading You Agree to the Squall License Agreement
Release Notes
Misc Demo version is now 30-day trial with overlay (1s limit is gone)
Fix Crash related to multiline text labels

Squall 1.11
By Downloading You Agree to the Squall License Agreement
Release Notes
Squall left the beta stage and is now publicly available.
Misc Visual fixes in the extension
Misc Licensing changed
Misc License key should now be added using the setLicenseKey class method on the Squall class
Misc Evaluation copies can now save out files
Misc API name change in SLCoreAnimationBuildDelegate
Misc API change: onAnimationEvent block is now nullable
Misc API name change: SLAnimationEventSpeedChange is now SLAnimationEventRateChange
Fix Bug adding "undefined" to Squall clipboard
Fix SLAnimations were not honoring SLPlaybackType
Fix Firing of SLAnimationEvents
Fix Memory leaks related to ellipse and rectangle shape paths

Squall 1.006
Release Notes
Feature SLPlaybackType is now part of SLAnimation and therefore also honored by SLCoreAnimations
Feature onAnimationEvent block callbacks are now part of SLAnimation and therefore also honored by SLCoreAnimations
Feature API to replace AE layers with already existing ones
Feature API to filter properties applied to the layers of an animation
Feature 3D support for a number of properties/parenting
Feature Squall clipboard: Copy simple core animation code right from AE
Misc Visual tweaks in the extension
Misc Performance improvements in setup (Squall/Core) and playback (Squall)
Fix Visual glitch in the app where the ip address would reappear on backgrounding/foregrounding
Fix Animating from or over zero in shape properties would stop a Core animation from being evaluated
Fix Sometimes gradients would have the wrong colors assigned
Fix Precomposed layers with track mattes had the wrong track matte assigned
Fix Unsaved projects with gradients would cause the extension to stall
Fix Track mattes with masks attached now render correctly (masks were previously ignored)
Fix Extension crash when active comp had no layers
Fix Layers with numbers as names would crash the SDK/app
Fix Crash with empty shape path values resulting from AI conversion
Fix Duplicate compositions in a composition were not resolved properly
Fix Visibility of layers within precomposed layers was off when the precomposed layer was offset in time
Fix Color of solid layers was blown out
Fix Resolved retain cycles in the SDK that had caused most of the allocations to hang around
Fix Crash in text animators without a range selector (regression)
Fix Slight tweak with linearly interpolated Core Animations

Squall 1.0051
Release Notes
The previous version was also missing a file needed to work:(
April 10th: Mac Installer updated.
Fix Extension script error
Fix Mac Installer bug: removed debug toolbar
Fix Mac Installer bug related to permission dialog boxes (updated the file as of April 10th)

Squall 1.005
Release Notes
The file format has changed again. Sorry about that. This release brings support for gradients and improved shape layer support. And a bunch of bug fixes.
Feature Support for text line height
Feature APIs for label sizing
Feature Convenience methods to access animation layers
Feature Gradient (linear, radial) support for shape layers
Feature Trim path offset support for core animations
Feature Fill color opacity support
Feature Core animations now support independently animated merged shapes.
Feature Core animations now support rectangle and ellipse paths.
Misc Performance improvements for Squall Animations
Fix Interpolation for certain multidimensional values (e.g. color)
Fix Layer mask support is back (broken in last release)
Fix Visibility animation correction
Fix Allow negative trim path offset
Fix Clipping for certain fonts (e.g. Zapfino)
Fix Text alignment for multiline labels
Fix Text Animator: anchor point support
Fix Text Animator: rotation and scale animation now properly resolved
Fix Text Animator crash when range selector is hidden/absent
Fix Text Animator: fill color hue cycling
Fix Multiline text accuracy improvements
Fix Text key frame/expression animation support
Fix Several crashes for core animations with expressions
Fix General interpolation improvements for core animations
Fix Animated stroke color for core animations
Fix Shapes in shape layers will now respect properties not contained within the same scope.
Fix Animation changes from the SLCoreAnimationBuilderDelegate methods are now propagated to layers that have the animated layer as their parent.

Squall 1.004
Release Notes
Squall is now an Objective-C framework. It will still continue to work with apps written in Swift but it won't require a different build for different versions of Xcode.
Feature Animations now respect the contentsGravity property of CALayer
Feature Parent an AE layer of a SLSquallAnimation to any existing CALayer
Feature Text animator support for Squall Animations
Misc Rewritten from Swift to Objective C
Fix Crash at the end of an animation using expressions
Fix Visibility at the end of an animation
Fix Crash when live preview was immediately deallocated
Fix Interpolation for multi-dimensional values without spatial interpolation (i.e. scale, color)
Fix Interpolation for multi-dimensional bezier-interpolated values for Core Animations (color, scale etc.)
Fix Linear interpolation for Core Animations when animating position without spatial interpolation
Fix Images are now also added when using an animation from the bundle (and not live preview)
Fix Improved text positioning.
Fix Installer will now let you uninstall the extension again

Squall 1.003
Release Notes
Extension and SDK are now one download.
Feature Expression support
Misc Removed time restriction in demo
Misc Dropped support for AE 2014 (for now)
Fix More readable errors in installer

Squall 1.0
Release Notes
Initial Beta Release. Let's see how it holds up...

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